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It is the ambition of many people to run their own business. In order to make the business a success there are a number of factors such as commitment, skills and tested market that need to be considered.

Business plan and cashflow projections

A business plan and cashflow projections are normally required for your own purposes and if you require financial support.

We can help you:

  1. Explain in concise and easily read manner the direction your new business will take
  2. Detail your past experience and achievements which will benefit the new business
  3. Explain the reasons why the financial support is required
  4. Draft a detailed business plan
  5. Prepare the cashflow projections

We can also help you, where appropriate - find the right bank.

Books and records

All businesses need to keep records. We have a team dedicated to providing training and support on computerised systems.

Business structure

There are four common types of business structure; Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership.

We can help you:

  1. Understand the different forms of trading and relevant responsibilities and help you choose the one most suitable for your business
  2. Structure your business in the most tax efficient way

Other areas

We can help you with:

  1. Your own tax liabilities and national insurance
  2. VAT registration
  3. Wages, national insurance and PAYE
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